Friday, March 12, 2010

Fill in the Blank Friday.

1.   The best day ever was       .

2.  My favorite meal of the day is     breakfast   because  , well, all the best foods are served for breakfast. If its not breakfast you can always (usually) get breakfast foods at anytime. They are usually warm and sweet and uhmazing  .

3.  This weekend      I am jam packed with things to do! Hopefully despite the rain the knitting group is still going on. Saturday I am going to study with Janelle which I am excited about and Sunday is farmers market day!! Best weekend yet  .

4.  Never in my life have I    done any hard drugs. I know it sounds extreme but there have been so many occasions as a youngen that I could have. I went to a really bad high school to say the least (ever seen Dangerous Minds? No joke, the movie was based off my high school) I have been offered acid before my high school french class and most my ex high school friends are all meth heads from what I hear. I am really proud I never did any of that crap  .

5.  The only thing better than      donuts   is      cupcakes, they are only comparable in sweetness at times but really, cupcakes are superior hands down.

6.  I could really do with some      Coffee and a donut.  Can you tell I'm really wanting a donut?  I think a trip to Voodoo on my break may be in order (seconded Lauren. I plan on taking my lil sis to Voodoo when I come up for spring break)  .

7.  The most recent thing I bought myself was    a really cute shirt I got on sale at Target and something else but I forget.
Said shirt

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  1. you are so cute in that shirt!'re just cute anyway :).

    yes yes! get lots of donuts over spring break!