Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Today's Loves

Today started out really rough.
But got so much better.

We have a skills test coming up. Set up was essentially a circuit of stations to work on all different things; tendu's, Grande Battement's, and chaine turns! I did chaine turns until I couldn't do them anymore and its soooo much fun! I also learned at least 2 new stretches to help my turn out, I need a little work on my turn out. Ballet usually will turn any bad day into a great one for me!

I spent a whole 2 hours at the gym today! It was fantastic! I was concerned because I have been down for about a week thanks to being sick. However I completely kicked some serious butt on the treadmill and tried a few new machines. I was sad to learn that this area of my gym that has full wall of mirrors and beautiful hardwood floor will soon be gone. I love stretching in peace over there and practicing some ballet (cause the mirrors). It was originally for classes but no one ever signs up (mine is a gym in which people just come to pump iron really) so they are giving that area back to the landlord as opposed to paying rent on it, sad. There was some fantastic eye candy at the gym though. I usually don't tend to notice that, I go to the gym to work out, I am the girl dressed in what is practical with no make up on and my hair up. I mean business. But I am alright with myself looking. No way would I date anyone the way my life is right now.

Test in political Science (crosses fingers and pockets my lucky penny)
Going to sweet talk my old french teacher at ARC and try and get back in. I see no point in going to SCC if I can't even get 2 units on top of the 4 I have with french there to get my loan check. I give up. Besides, I have the book and all the materials for the ARC class and I would be out extra money if I stayed in SCC french. Hopefully she will be kind and let me back in!
I am hopeful though.
Alright, back to studying things like the difference between symbolic and pure speech. You think my blog would pass the Miller test? (good lord I am nerd!!!!)


  1. sorry that your day started out rough! but hey, you went to the gym so that is awesome! good luck on your test tomorrow!! i'm sending positive vibes!

  2. I am now following your blog from a late Friday Follow. This is a neat and chic blog, I will be reading up more. You can also follow me at i'm sure you will like it too.

    Blessing @ Safe Home Happy Mom

  3. Great pictures! Good luck on your test. Do you know a Greg Dorado? We danced together for a few years. He's going to ARC.