Sunday, April 25, 2010

Ever Get the Feeling You've Been Cheated? (Edited)

I sure have.
I had an amazing day yesterday! Sacramento was completely beautiful (Am I right or am I right fellow Sactoe's?). I went in the morning and took my math test (Which I think I did so so on). Met up with Rose and Amineh for coffee and had the best girl talk I have had in quite sometime to say the least! (warning boys: shield your eyes!) We talked about everything from strategy for shaving your knee to boys and periods! I love being reminded that I LOVE being a girl. In celebration of this I went and did some minor shopping. I need a few new dresses from Connie's Grad events in 3 weeks or maybe some new shoes to pair with "old" dresses.  I got an adorable top which I wore on my date last night.
Top: Marshalls Jeans: Gap Shoes: back in the day Macy's
I even wore my sparkley flats to brighten my day. Today I went to the farmers market with Amineh and scores some pretty some veggies and stuff. Got some really pretty poppies, I love fresh flowers on my desk. Today is going to be so lovely. Of course my plans are to be held up in my room catching up on poli sci reading. Tomorrow starts a more regular work schedule. No more in office training, it will all be in field and hands on. I am a ball of different emotions about it; excited, nervous, happy, scared, ready to go and at the same time not. We shall see!!
My cats insist on eating my chive's. 

Tried on at Marshalls. Felt it was a little too plain and I was too lazy to think of how to spice it up.
Plus it was a little too big and 50 bucks. I'd love a yellow dress though.


  1. How do you feel you've been cheated? Like with life because I usually feel that way. In the way that good things happen to the wrong people. That top is really cute. Your top is really cute. Where did you get your pretty flats?

  2. Dorian: I agree with the wrong people getting what they want when they don't really deserve it. More recently I have had a string of really frustrating boy situations. Top is from Marshalls and the flats are from Macy's.

  3. Yes! Yesterday was absolutely beautiful!