Sunday, June 13, 2010


I've been really busy.
With school starting, I go Monday through Thursday, I feel like my week is extremely hectic.
Normal semesters I feel a little less so since the classes aren't as condensed and I only go twice a week.
It's good though. I am glad that my Sign class is so short and I can get that credit over with.
I am catching on really quickly.
I went swimming yesterday it was great. I had a good day yesterday. I loose patience with people very quickly. Which is interesting since I have gained so much as a result of my job. Maybe I just can't seem to have that same patience translate into my personal life. All I want to do is sit by a pool or something and swim. This summer I want to live in my bathing suit! I think I am going to be spending a lot of time alone doing that. It could possibly be me, but I think people are really fucking uptight lately. Summer is for relaxation for god sake! Whatever. My favorite thing to say when I'm apathetic towards something or what have you is "fuck me running". I am compiling all the southern 70's rock I can muster to make the ultimate summer compilation. You guys have any suggestions on what should be added? Of course there is the usual motley line up of the Allman bro's, Skynerd, Creedence and the like. Can you think of any I missed?
Well, I need to finish up my sign homework. Maybe head over to the pool in my new 10 dollar suit.

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