Monday, June 14, 2010

When you eat a piece of heaven you burp angels!


Been doing this a lot!:

Work was canceled on me last minute. Lame. I remedied the situation by contacting my fellow "hardcore" bud Rose, and hit the pool asap! We made nice with a lady at the pool now fondly nicknamed "patsy" (as in from Ab Fab. This lady was formerly known as "the science project" due to massive amounts of plastic surgery). We then decided that we needed to hit Costco for their delicious and mind blowingly inexpensive hot dog's and soft serve. That is when the quote from above was birthed after I had a satisfying burp. This week is going to be the best yet. Tomorrow's work got canceled as well. It's that, you are excited you don't have to work, yet bummed you aren't getting paid all wrapped in one. I am going to have coffee with an old friend after school and my work meeting. Wens-Fri I work and then hopefully I get to make a trip to visit muh sister and an old friend in the Santa Rosa area. This should be great. 

I am also ecstatic that my dad invited me to visit him in Oregon for 4th of July weekend. He is planning a party. I get a 3 day weekend and my sign language class will be done July 1st. How sweet is that?! I love getting emails from my dad. I am 24 years old and I still get incredibly giddy when he says nice things to me or whatever. I adore the man, I can't help it. Its odd to me at times considering our past. But he is, and will always be, my favorite guy in the world, my hero. Now time to shower and pray my delicious dawg and soft serve digest!


  1. What a fun little day :], it's always nice to take a break from work once and a while.

    Love and Turtledoves,

  2. Oh man, when I eat Costco hot dog I burp it for DAYS afterward. Intense! I love them with the onions and everything.

    Have fun in Santa Rosa!