Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Gussy Up for the Monkey's

Jacket: Tulle. Bestest B-day gift eveR! Thanks cuz!
Stripy top: Old navy sale. Don't remember price
Ruffle shell: Banana Republic on sale for $15!!
Black pant: Gap outlet daaays ago.
Belt: Forever 21 about $5
Ridding boots: Lohmans $80 something

I got all fancy the other day to go observe the monkey's at the the Sacramento zoo. I had so much fun! My favorite were the Sifaka (shee-fa-ka). They are smaller than they looked in the pictures. The one Sifaka was sitting there resting his head on his hand and looking out into space as if in wise contemplation. They are very slow moving. Reminded me of a buddhist monk.

I had a great run today. I just had this burst of energy and booked it the entire 2 miles straight. My run tonight was sort of magical. Since its been getting darker earlier runners around the park have taken to carrying little lights. The lights bounce as people jog or walk. Come Wednesday I can't wait to bust out my light and join the party.

I have so much school work to do. Thursday is a big anthropology test. My zoo project is also due the same day. Next Friday my anthropology term paper is due and I have a stuuupid map assignment due in western civilization too.

I'll have time to relax when winter break sets in...or when I'm dead. haha.

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