Thursday, December 16, 2010

Santa Claus is Coming to Town

My door. Got the wreath in the $1 section at Target and the bow for 99 cents at Kmart.
When I was very young my mom gave up on the entire holiday thing. I don't recall my mom ever saying there was no santa or anything like that. She just stopped getting a Christmas tree and doing the decorating thing. This includes halloween and every other festive type event. So basically after years of grinchiness holiday seasons I made a vow that when I moved out I would decorate for every holiday I could. Yes, its so bad that I currently am contemplating my valentines day decor. I've been slow at getting a tree, however, BF and I are going to pick one up tomorrow and I couldn't be more excited! Still not sure where to put it (I have a ton of room so it shouldn't be a problem).
 This is also going to be the first christmas I will spend with my aunt, uncle and cousin. I am really excited about it. Its about time! On the flip side I am sad that I wont be making it up to Oregon to spend time with my dad. I am just too chicken shit to drive through that snow by myself. I sent out Christmas cards following suit from my dad. Let me tell you, sending thank you notes or holiday cards is a lost art and is a fantastic personal touch. I think I may actually invest some money on various cards to send. My mom texted me after she got hers and said "getting your xmas card was the best part of my week." It makes me feel fantastic that I can make someone smile with just a personal note. Especially in this world of impersonal emails.

Today was my last final of fall semester. I feel it went really well. It was a little sad since I enjoyed the class and the professor so much. She said thank you to me as I was leaving and I stopped her and said "No! Thank you! I really enjoyed this class and you are a fabulous professor!" I like giving kudos when they are due. I find professors, and educators in general, who truly care about what and who they are teaching to be few and far between. Break has now begun and I have a whole bunch of crafts and fun things planned for my down time. I am seriously excited!! Thinks are lookin up!
Hope you all have a fantastic fun filled weekend!

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