Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Perfect Pearlies/Day 3

OK, first things first. I want to know if people can be born with perfectly straight teeth! Cause I don't believe its possible. I spy on the internet peeps with great teeth and I just automatically assume they had braces when they were young (like smart people. Not like me. NOTHING like me). Secondly I want to give a shot out to my mom. Mom (you don't read this, I think), I would not have been mad at you if you put the smack down back in middle school and tied me to the orthodontists chair and FORCED me to get braces. I also would not have blamed if you if you whipped me or with held food for days for not wearing my head gear at night (obviously none of this was done hence the busted ass teeth I am stuck with now).
We ALL remember when this beezy lost her mind...
Well the doctor said to me today "full set of braces". I'd be lying if I said I wasn't scurred. He suggested pulling out a few teeth to fix my millimeter over bite more quickly (ahhh!). After talking to some key peeps (namely my aunt, some quick advice from my cousin, my mom and Shane of course) I have a better idea what I am going to do. But I can tell you this, braces are in my future be it a full or half set. Believe me you, I will rock them....hard!

I had a normal work day (minus getting punched in the face by a 6 year old. I lurvs him still though. My fav kid). Shane and I did our normal Wednesdays; run, dinner, and kick it. Threw one of his hilarious tantrums in Target. No one is funnier when tantruming and I tell you it seems to always go down in Target. Shane and I had a pretty serious talk about our near future. Shit is real now. I feel like after he dropped the "L" word (love for you special types) the flood gates opened which is completely amazing. We have a pretty packed remainder of the week. I am pretty damned excited.

Hope everyone out there is having a fantastic week thus far.

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