Monday, January 17, 2011

7 Pounds. 7 Days.

Let the challenge begin!! Our weigh in:

Me: the doc scale last week said 152lbs and Shane's Sunday morning said 145 (which is actually my goal). I'm going to say somewhere in between the two weights.

Shane: 182lbs (but thats what his bunk ass scale said. He said he thinks he is actually 192)

I am going to try and break my running strike today and just run. I started the day with my regular grapefruit (I ate the entire thing since it was itty bitty compared to riper ones). I plan on making stuffed bell peppers for dinner. I have some cous cous I want to try in them. I hope that this challenge goes well. I have really hit a wall with my weight loss. I'm fine with how I look currently I am just not happy with it. More importantly I am not happy with how I have slacked off in how active I am. I usually run three days a week religiously but only do about two days now. Not once over the break did I run everyday. On that note I leave you with some wisdom from my crazy bro Jimmy. Jimmy is amazing and as I mentioned in my last post just finished his second marathon. If it weren't for his flat tire we would be riding our normal 30mi+ bike ride on Saturday but he sucks. When asked if he liked running he replied;

"Running is like pooping you dont really look forward to doing it but feel better when it is done."

Couldn't have put it better myself.

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