Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Day 2 (A picture and lots of words)

My run yesterday was rough. As Jimmy said I did feel better afterward (not counting beating myself up a little for walking 40% of the way). I had a chance to try out my new Old Navy running leggings. While running I decided to do a review of some of the running gear I have acquired. Later I had a delicious cous cous stuffed bell pepper.

Today was the first day of class. I have an opportunity to get a permission number for my poli sci class on Thursday. Conversational Russian was interesting. I walked in to a class with about 80% bonafide Russians from Russia (aka fluent speakers). I think I was expecting to be taught how to just speak Russian minus all the reading and writing. The professor said you had to know the alphabet (check. Dida taught me when I was young) and be able to read basic russian (uh oh. Problem). I made an executive decision to drop all non math related classes and focus completely on math. Math is really priority number one not to mention the only thing holding me back from transferring. I feel amazing about this decision. So I said peace guzitza's (ass in Croatian misspelled in english) to russian and went home.

Busted out some serious ballet cardio in the living room. Ate grilled cheese and soup paired with some lovely two buck chuck and watched Undercover Boss. Tomorrow Shane and I are going to do 2 miles (possibly a girlfriend of mine will join). Not sure what to do for dinner. In the morning I am going to visit the orthodontist! I am so freaking excited!!! I never thought I would be so stoked to possibly get braces ever!!! I can't wait to update you guys! Come to think of it I feel great about the rest of the week now that I can just focus on work, math, my Dragi, and Sundays fabulous brunch I am hosting!!

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