Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I Wonder...

What would happen if the tables were turned? I was walking with my client and her dad the other day thinking. What if average people, doing average everyday things were being stalked around by paparazzi? I know some pretty extraordinary people with tough jobs (a ton tougher than acting or modeling and I've done both ameturely!). Even my job is a lot tougher than acting. Manual labor aside I flat out believe people that work jobs like mine make a much more meaningful impact on the world than a movie or its star (yes, there are timeless epic movies...but come on). People in the health care industry (doctors and mental health a like), emergency workers (ex, police, CHP, firefighters, EMT etc.), some military all way more amazing and courageous than Lohan, Brit Brit or crazy ass Tom Cruz. Why can't we treat MFTs and people that save lives with the same rock star status? I sure think they deserve it!

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