Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bloggin Buddy Spotlight

A little known fact about Shane and I is we met online. I joke that I was online shopping for a boy on a free dating website and decided to buy him. Online dating is quite the growing trend. I know a lot of girls and few guys who use these websites in search of relationships. Online dating takes a lot of the awkwardness out of the whole deal. However, this sets up an entire new set of rules and complications to dating. One of the most amazing people to help anyone sift through the craziness that is online dating is my friend Kathy. She has a hilarious blog with the most helpful dating translator ever! Kathy also writes a fantastic column for the Examiner.
My girl Christina is also doing some really awesome features on her pets at her blog Love Christina Marie. I wasn't sure how that was going to go. Being a self professed cat lady myself those types of posts can get kinda crazy (you don't want to know how many pictures on my phone I have of my cats doing silly things. I would loose readers if I told). The first two posts super surprised me. This girl is a gangster, superwoman, hero to these doggies! I feel inspired to go down to the pound and rescue every mutt and kitty I see! These pups were not in a great place and she completely took them in and nursed them back to better!


  1. I love you. Seriously just made my eyes water. xxoo

  2. I met my M on an online dating site too...I say it's the best $30 I ever spent ;)

  3. I was lucky enough to find my guy on OkCupid for free! Are you guys hitched?

    I totally have sculiosis too! Uhh its a bitch!