Monday, April 11, 2011


Shane and I eat. Its what we do. Eating crappy delicious food is partially why I run.

Updates to come:
 + I finished my 5k in just under 32 mins
 + Shane and I scored some really amazing stuff at Ikea
 + Friday Favorites
 + Finally, going to see my dad race this weekend!

This week is going to be great and relaxing! I can't wait!


  1. Ha! I would sell my furniture before I had to go hungry. That hotdog looks amazing!

  2. Capital dog! Go check it out. The sweet potato fries are TO DIE for!!! I love all the Sacramento inspired names they have for hotdogs there too.

    oh and I thought of you after my run yesterday. Shane not only had a cream filled doughnut but he also brought me doughnut holes from Maries

  3. i love to eat too! it is one of the reasons i am trying to work out more! good job on the 5k! that is so awesome! i am so nervous for mine!!

  4. All we do is eat or talk about food! It's pretty embarrassing

  5. Chloe, I was so nervous! I kept calling my best friend for advice since he runs marathons. He just kept saying "your not running enough miles for that" or whatever. My boyfriend finally verbalized why I was so nervous, cause it was my first one. It was tough once I hit mile 2 but it was like a magical experience!