Monday, May 23, 2011

Lime in a coconut

This weekend was marked with lots of down time. Shane is in the process of preparing to sell his car. I can't believe it. Shane is one of those Subaru nerds. He says he always wanted one in high school. He got one, dumped a ton (well not so much a ton to him but a ton to me) of money into it and now his priorities have changed (his words). So we went up to his grandma and grandpas to clean up his car and resurrect the Jeep for him to drive until he buys his new car. While Shane took a break from car washing and while we waited for dinner I made the mistake of daring Shane he couldn't cartwheel. Then I dared him to round off. Then HE dared me to climb the redwood tree in the backyard. In real life I am not too high up my tree. In real life Shane is almost at the very top of this insanely high redwood tree. I was super impressed.

Sunday we went to Marshall's. I got the most adorable pair of sunglasses for 8 bucks and a new pot for my basil. I am excited the weather is getting better. I love planting and I super love having a porch of my own to make pretty! Shane went to Davis to get tattooed while I stayed home watching Intervention and crafting (stay tuned! Super cute wreath tutorial to follow).

I'd say it was a pretty successful weekend.


  1. That sounds like a great weekend! I need to get myself some sunglasses as well, but I hate paying anything for them because I constantly lose them. Sadness! Do we get to see Shane's tattoo?

  2. Word! Especially because I am a bad bad sunglasses owner who never has a case for them! I should probably go back and buy the cheap-o sunglasses case for my rayban's since their my special pair.

    Of course! As a matter of fact I feel like I don't ever post enough pics of us or just him! I am so dumped! haha.

  3. that story is so cute! You and your bf are adorable!