Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Shes crafty, and shes just my type!

The craft bug bit me over the weekend and its about time! I have the most massive list of things I want to create. I decided, one by one, I want to knock them out before summer school starts (that gives me 2 weeks!).

I found a tutorial via Pinterest (have you added me on there yet? God I love that website!). A few things that aren't covered in the link...
- I went larger it turns out. If you choose to make a larger wreath be prepared for it to kinda take forever (and burning yourself at least 3 times on hot glue).
- I added a few pictures of my method of application. It took me a bit to get a rhythm down for how I was placing the filters. I would have liked some pictures of how the other girl put her filters on. Mine are a little too perfect. I like that perfectly messy look of hers more.
I'm so hooked on collages

I am super pleased with the results! Really this project was super cheap. I wish I remembered how much the tubing was, not over 2 dollars. I already had the filters which were 99 cents and I stole borrowed some tape from my mom. The only thing I would have changed was the size. I kinda went large in proportion to my front door. I may give it to someone with a grander door.

In other news. Shane has been talking about wanting to start a blog. Its kind of cute. The themes he throws at me are all super "Shane". So I asked him if he would do a guest post on here. I was just thinking I don't blab about how great he is enough (mainly cause I'm not a huge sap). I'm really excited. I think I know what he is going to write about (hint, food). I'll have him include the picture of his new tattoo. I really like it!


  1. You made those? Oh man, your skill goes way beyond mine.

    I cannot wait to hear from Shane. How neat!

  2. That website is beyond awesome, and I am totally addicted to it! There are just so many awesome photos :)


    p.s. thanks for sharing this tutorial!