Thursday, June 2, 2011

Memorial day weekend: The trek to Oregon

I'm going to have to split these up because I took so many pictures. If you follow me on Instagram then you've seen some of these. The last few days have been freaking insane! I have been in a total of three states (including my home state) and in a car more hours than I'd like to count. Prepare yourself!

I was thoroughly impressed at my packing skillz 
The day we left was INSANE! I was dealing with some craziness due to work and cleaning my house (am I the only one that cleans before I go somewhere? Coming home to a clean house is the best!). We rented a car (Shane and I's first as 25 year olds!) as to avoid putting miles on either of our own cars. Let me tell you the car shuffle is insane. First we had to pick up the rental car. Then drop Shane's car off at my moms then my car off. I'm tired of driving just thinking about it! I was so excited to get onto the road!

See, excited.
We made the mandatory Olive Pit stop. Shane had never been and OF COURSE doesn't like olives (add to the list of 483920 foods he wont eat or doesn't like).

While we were stopped we popped into a Shell to grab snacks. This is what $20 worth of complete crap looks like (not pictured are energy drinks, and two bags of sour patch kids). What else are you supposed to eat on a road trip? Well, ok, I did make a few sandwiches and brought carrot sticks (that I did not eat).

The driving continued...

The new sunglasses I mentioned a while back

By the time we hit Oregon the novelty of driving had kind of wore off. Shane was stuffing his mouth with a ton of sunflower seeds so he wasn't really talking to me or participating in car dancing/ sing-a-longs.

Sunflower seeds addiction exhibit A
They got a new sign since the last time I was there. Nice one Oregon.
So the last 3 hours to my Dads house from the border was quite a marathon push...

And of course there was beautiful scenery to be seen....
I think we got to Oregon around 10:30pm. I was completely whipped! We chatted with my dad and step mom for a few and hit the pillows HARD! The next day we planned to go to the Oregon coast for the first time! I was pretty excited.

To be continued....

Lastly, I am sad to announce that Shane sold his beloved Subaru. I am really proud and thankful that he took one for team "us" (I know way more puking happening right?). I almost got a little teary eyed watching the keys change hands and the papers being signed. I know more than I ever thought I would about bug and hawk eyes thanks to that Buru, Shondra. I remember when Shane picked me up in her for our first date. Ahh the memories. She will be greatly missed.


  1. 1. Those boots are adorable!
    2. That button down and skirt are way adorable also!
    3. Okay, I can see why you only go once a year. That's a long haul!
    4. Bye, Shondra!

  2. Thanks! Dude, Lohmans Plaza on Fair Oaks and Monroe! Its were its at for a bargain! We are actually going to go back for the 4th of July too! I'm hoping this time around it goes smoother.