Tuesday, June 14, 2011

memorial day weekend: On the last day, they motoed.

Monday was a slow to start day. After a weekend of off and on grey skies we were lucky enough to have one really nice day (I even got sun burned)! The day was so nice my Dad had suggested possibly flying (my Dad has his pilots license). We lally gagged too much so we didn't have enough time to fly. Somehow we started getting out some of the motorcycles my Dad has around (the man typically has 13 or so on hand). Now, let me give you a little back story on me and motorcycling.

A few years ago a friend of mine suggested we take her Suzuki 125 out for a spin. Being the daughter of an avid motocross racer who had been racing since he was 13, I said sure! Only thing is my Dad never taught me to ride, let alone shift. Well I was doing just fine scooting around in first gear when I hear my friend holler " take it to second!". I got ballsy and shifted. Well it caught. I flooded the engine and the thing bucked me off the front! I don't really remember what happened after I gassed it. One second I was giving it gas the next I was dazed on the ground.

I now have a dent in my leg where you see the crescent shaped wound. I haven't been on a bike since. Until memorial day weekend. I saw my Dad taking those bikes out and panicked! I thought " what am I supposed to say to my Dad?!" "I can't tell him I am SCARED to ride!!" "I can't NOT ride!" So after a few tries I was off in first gear. I was doing fine! Then the dreaded "Shift Caitlin!" Oh no! Shane pulled up next to me and showed me how to do it a few times on his own bike. Of course I didn't believe him. Then my Dad pulled up to show me. And I did it! From then on riding was a breeze!

I even shifted using the clutch! After hours of "just one more lap" we finally hit the road. Before I met Shane I usually drove to Oregon on my own. I would always drive by the vista points wishing I could take some rad picture but had no one to take it. This time I made a point to stop. It was freeeezing!!!!

I need to work on my jumping face. I look kinda tarded. 

Shane's is waaay better than mine.
We'll be back for 4th of July weekend I'm happy to say. Ideally I'd go up any three day weekend I had. Well, I am glad to have this series over. Now I can get back to regular posting. Already so much to post about! New friends, Cousin's graduation, Shane's new teeth and new hair cut! Math is going well. I am somewhat seeing a faint light at the end of the tunnel. Slumber party on Thursday with cousin. Delicious dinners planned all week. My oh my!


  1. No way! That is the most horrible bruise I have EVER seen.

    I need to learn how to drive a stick shift I'm freaking out!

  2. I need to learn too! Shane said he'd teach me on this little tiny car (I can't remember what its called) they call the barbie jeep. No one has ever successfully taught me how to drive a stick shift. Who ever does, we always end up fighting. I'm stubborn.

  3. Congrats on getting back on the bike! I have never driven anything manual and I don't plan on it haha. My boyfriend insists on teaching me but I resist.

  4. thank gosh you're okay! that bruise looks nasty! And that's great you got back on the bike and rode again, you can't let fear conquer you! go you!

  5. Thank Hilary and Michelle. You should have seen the bruise when it first started. Looked like nothing! I need to learn stick desperately. I'm hoping to learn soon.