Monday, April 30, 2012

Does that say Cookies?!

(I tried getting these pictures in order but it was a no go. Bear with me)

Shane and I's trip to the city was awesome! Shane hates SF. It literally breaks my heart because I love SF! Its my hometown. Past trips have given him a sour after taste. This time around I did a lot more planning! I hit Yelp and checked out where all the good food was first (right Tiffany? What else would we start with?!). First we went to the DeYoung Museum and took a gander at the John Paul Gaultier exhibit. It was fantastic! The mannequins looked so life like and the exhibit went on forever. The mind blowing part was how many hours could be put into just one piece. After the DeYoung we decided to check out the Japanese gardens right next door. They were beautiful. I kind of remember my Dida taking me there as a kid. After that I had a few vintage/thrift stores I wanted to check out in the ever so hip Mission district. After the first place being a total bust I was delighted to find an adorable dress for only $12!! On the walk back to the car I glanced across the street and saw Anthony's Cookies. I stopped dead in my tracks! I have a HUUUGE sweet tooth! We stopped in and got a few cookies and milk. I highly suggest a visit if you are in San Francisco. Don't forget some Clover milk! 

We went to North Beach for some delicious pizza for lunch! I felt like I was in Italy because our server (and possibly one of the owners) barely spoke english. Have I mentioned yet how glorious a day it was?! Well it was beeaaauuutiful! We tried and failed to grab some ice cream at Bi-Rite. I may have thrown a tantrum because of the traffic (and the heat) and then because of the line wrapped around the block. So we threw in the towel and headed to Baba's.

Things weren't so great over there. I was excited to see my Baba but she wasn't doing so well. Thanks to an abnormally hot day inland my Baba fainted from the heat. The whole time refusing to go to the hospital. I know where I get my stubbornness from now. We kept telling her we wanted her to feel better and to go to the hospital but she would only respond, "I'll feel better if you sit down and eat the dinner I made you". Thankfully she was ok, but the whole incident scared the crap out of me. I took Shane to a froyo place my Dida used to take me as a kid. Yumi Yogurt is a popular attraction in my hometown of Belmont; there was quite the line when we got there. I plan on making more frequent trips to hang out with Baba soon. Just as soon as my breaks in my car get fixed.

Cookies n Cream, chocolate chip, and toffee mmmmmm

Shane's favorite, the designer himself, and my favorite!
Shane approved

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