Sunday, April 22, 2012

Finish Hard

  • Lately things have been so crazy! I'm falling behind in math. Uh! I was doing so good. The entire class was really blind sided by this one quiz. My classmate put it best saying how hard it is to go into something feeling confident you know the material only to find out you were wrong. Story of our lives right? It will all work out and I will pass. I have discovered in my life that if you really want something you will get it. I want to pass this class. So its simply going to happen.
  • Shane and I spent the weekend in San Francisco. I missed that place. It was beeeaaautiful (I'll post the pics later)! We spent the night at my Baba's house. Things at the homestead got a little scary but I thank God everything worked out alright. I feel so thankful to have such an amazing example of strength in my Baba. 
  • I am starting to really settle into my calling at church and I love it! I feel important and it gives me purpose. I just love helping out my fellow sisters in Relief Society (no lie!). I'm also excited to be taking part in my first Mormon Helping Hands project cleaning up a local high school.
  • I am in love with climbing! For FHE last Monday we went to a ropes course and I could not get enough! I was particularly in love with the rock wall. It just so happens my favorite roommate's boyfriend works at a local climbing gym and they both love climbing too! I belayed for the first time and I didn't drop Sarah (roommate)! Had some seriously awesome roomie bonding time. After climbing I did my first spin class. I wanted to walk up to the instructor and shake his hand. That work out was the first I had ever pushed myself so hard! It was fantastic (or so I have told myself so I go back)!
I hope that this next week flies by. The weather is going to be fabulous and I don't want to spend it sitting at a desk or cooped up in the house. Hope you all are enjoying the spring weather. Don't forget to stay cool and DRINK WATER!!


  1. I love rock climbing! I swear, it's all I want to do right now! I love that you love your calling. We soooo need to go out soon!

  2. you sound so busy lately! Good luck in your math class!